Press and Media work

I work extensively with the Media, including Television, Radio, Magazines and the Press. Click on the various links (or numbers) to see or hear examples of this work. Please call my cellphone 0771 423 4897

Recent examples of my work accessible on-line or elsewhere include:

PR Releases


The Eagle Nebula:


The Galactic Centre:

Stereo variable stars:

Television: BBC The Sky at Night ( 3 shows - short Galactic Centre clip here), BBC News 24, ITN Television News, Sky Television News, Al Jazeera Television News

Radio: BBC Radio Medway, BBC Radio Five, Australian Broadcasting Commission, BBC Asian Service, American Forces Network, British Forces Broadcasting Service, Canadian Broadcasting Service

Press: Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph, The Times, Daily Telegraph, The Observer, The Independent, The Guardian, Milton Keynes News, La Tercera (Chile), Daily Mirror, The Guardian, Beijing Science and Technology Newspaper

Podcasts: The Guardian Podcast, Science Weekly (starts 20 minutes in) , BBC Website 1, 2

Scientific PR: Particle Physics and Astronomy Research Council, Science and Technology Facilities Council, 1, 2, 3, 4

Glenn White