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Cold Atoms for Quantum Technologies

Our research is focused on the study of interactions between cold Rydberg atoms. Our main motivation is the understanding of interacting many-body dynamics and multi-particle entanglement.

Our main interests lie in Quantum technologies, with new ongoing projects in DQC1 - deterministic quantum computation with one clean qubit - (computation based on mixed-states) and cluster states for measurement based quantum computation (MBQC) .


June, 2015

NEW: PhD position now available. For enquires and applications please contact


June, 2015

NEW: Postdoctoral position now available. Details and application form can be found here .

Deadline approaching soon.


February, 2014

"Bring your kids to work lab tours event" for OU staff on the morning of Wednesday February 19th from 10am-12noon (i.e. during half term)


November, 2013

Catch me if you can!


November 11th, 2013

A new PhD student, Katarzyna Krzyzanowska, joined our group. Welcome!


September, 2013

Progress on our work on DQC1: DQC1 in intractably large Hilbert space.


July, 2013

Recent work on quantum logic gates with mesoqubits:
- Quantum information with mesoscopic atomic ensembles
- Quantum gates in mesoscopic atomic ensembles


April, 2013

Here we are: start day for the DQC1 project!!!


September, 2012

EPSRC grant for “New ideas for Quantum technologies”. Read more at EPSRC website.


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